Poland Champion! Magic hero!

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Last weekend we had the pleasure to be an official sponsor of the Speedway World Team Cup which was held at the Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw. The captain of the local Betard Sparta Wrocław team, Maciej Janowski, ensured the Polish national team the title of world team champions. Magic in the last run of the extremely tense tournament won two points, which determined the victory of the white and red team. The Olympic Stadium that was filled to the last seat, went wild with joy.

The final tournament was extremely exciting. Every participant wandered around with their motorcycles,and none of the teams was able to outline a major advantage. and none of the teams was able to scratch a bigger lead. After the first few races, the Great Britain team looked the strongest but the Polish team was hot on their heels.

After four series of races, it was clear that the battle for the title would be decided at the very end – and so it did. In the last race of the Speedway World Cup, the title was going to be decided by a direct battle between Maciej Janowski, Robert Lambert and Anders Thomsen. After the start it seemed that it was Great Britain that would leave Wroclaw with the World Cup. Lambert drove in second position, while Janowski ended up being the last.


However, the last round was a real performance by the Wroclawian, who beat his two competitors with one attack and became the winner with the world title for Poland.

  1. Poland – 33 points
  2. Bartosz Zmarzlik – 11 (1,3,2,3,2)
  3. Patryk Dudek – 6 (2,3,1,0,-)
  4. Maciej Janowski – 7 (2,0,2,1,2)
  5. Dominik Kubera – 9 (1,2,2,1,3)
  6. Janusz Kołodziej – 0 (0)