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Emil Sayfutdinov Sponsoring Magik

Emil Sayfutdinov

Speedway Extra League / Fogo Unia Leszno

Russian speedway  motorcyclist of Tatar origin and Polish citizen since 2009. He has been competing in the Polish league since 2006, while currently with FOGO Unia Leszno team since 2015. Multiple Polish team champion, gold and bronze medalist of the World and European Championships.

Przemysław Pawlicki Sponsoring Magik

Przemysław Pawlicki

Speedway Extra League / GKM Grudziądz

Polish speedway motorcyclist, son of Piotr Pawlicki, older brother of Piotr Pawlicki Junior. A pupil of Unia Leszno, currently competing for GKM Grudziądz. Bronze medalist of the Team World Championships and Individual World Junior Championships.

Piotr Pawlicki Sponsoring Magik

Piotr Pawlicki

Speedway Extra League / Fogo Unia Leszno

Polish speedway motorcyclist, son of Piotr Pawlicki, younger brother of Przemysław Pawlicki. A pupil of his current club – FOGO Unia Leszno. Team World Champion of seniors and Individual World Junior Champion. Multiple medalist of the individual and team Polish Championships.

Obra Koscian Sponsoring Magik

Obra Kościan

Football / IV League

For many years, we have been a strategic sponsor of our local football club in the fourth league. The club with many years of sports history was founded in 1912 under the name “Fervor” and remains on the football fields to this day.

Futsal Leszno Sponsoring Magik

Klub Sportowy Futsal Leszno

Indoor Football/ Futsal Extra League

We have been supporting this team as a premium sponsor for several years. The club, established in 2014, thanks to solid work in several seasons, is currently on the way to fight for the highest number of goals in the extra league of Poland.

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