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Cukrownia Gostyń - Magik

Investment #CukrowniaGostyn in Wielkopolskie Voivodeship has just been completed!

The scope of work for our company in this unique facility built in 1929 included the installation of ventilation and hydraulic system for the conditioning of sugar according to the detailed design of our authorship, supply and installation of materials along with the installation of AKPIA, its start-up and training. Sugar conditioning installation consists of: refrigeration unit (by York) cooling unit (prod....

Akcja Integracja - Magik i Agro-Projects

The first and not the last #ActionIntegration is behind us!

On September 4, 2021 in Pianowo an integration event was organized for all employees of the companies Agro-Projects, Magik Refrigeration and Magik Service. The event was aimed at integrating all employees who have been working together for many years, establishing closer relations, and above all, it was to provide a dose of good fun. The event took place in the...

Centrala wentylacyjna Łaziuk (Magik)

First air-handling units for #ŁaziukPieczarka are ready

In recent weeks, in our production hall in Pianowo (near Koscian, Wielkopolska province) there were produced the first air handling units, which will be installed in the mushroom farm of Laziuk Eksport. Air handling units in this configuration are designed for a facility with a cultivation area of 720 m2 and are used to maintain proper climate conditions in the...


IMP2021 is over! Bartosz Zmarzlik with gold – Janowski and Kołodziej complete the podium

In the final of the Individual Polish Championships and the 71st Alfred Smoczyk Memorial held on the track in Leszno, Bartosz Zmarzlik turned out to be the best. In the grand final the rider of Stala Gorzów defeated Maciej Janowski, Janusz Kołodziej and Krzysztof Kasprzak. The final competition started with the victory of Wiktor Lampart, who defeated the defending champion...


Individual Polish Speedway Championships this Sunday

This Sunday, 11 July 2021, the Individual Polish Speedway Championships will take place at the Alfred Smoczyk Stadium in Leszno. Sixteen best riders will fight for the gold medal, Kadyrov Cap and the title of Individual Polish Champion. The race is scheduled to start at 17:30. This year's IMP Final will also be the 71st Memorial Alfred Smoczyk. Memorial...

Inwestycja Zakłady Mięsne Zakrzewscy nabiera kształtów

Zakrzewscy Meat Plant investment is taking shape

Investment Zakrzewscy Meat Factory in Podlaskie Voivodeship is taking shape! The scope of work on our part: 1) Installation of mechanical ventilation with full automation for production rooms and social and office facilities: 21 air handling units 8 duct fans 5 roof fans 12 roof fans in chemical-resistant execution 6 roof fans in EX version total number of ducts approx. 7200 m2 25 technological heat control modules 2) Chilled...

Inwestycja Zakłady Mięsne Wierzejki zakończona sukcesem!

Project Meat Processing Plant Wierzejki has been successfully completed!

In the last few months our company has been involved in some intensive work on the technological systems for Meat Processing Plant Wierzejki located in Pludy in the province of Lublin. This company is one of the largest enterprises of this type in Podlasie region and handles slaughter, cutting and production of a variety of meats. Acting in a...

Nowe auta we flocie Magik Chłodnictwo i Serwis Magik

New fleet vehicles of Magik Refrigeration and Magik Service

Our fleet of vehicles to do installation and service work is regularly updated and refreshed. Just recently, 5 new Mercedes Sprinter vehicles have joined in. Three cars were transferred to installation teams completing technological systems in various parts of the country, while 2 vehicles were transferred to our service teams that take care of proper functioning of our customers'...

Rozbudowa Zakładów Mięsnych Jażyniec dobiegła końca

The expansion of Meat Processing Plant Jazyniec is completed

After several months of intensive work, we have completed the technological systems installation at Meat Processing plant Jazyniec in the province of Greater Poland. In total, it this has been completed: Modernization of the existing refrigeration systems: New chilled water machinery container New piping Demolition of the existing refrigeration system Installation of new air coolers in the existing production rooms of the plant with...

Pierwsze kanały wentylacyjne i centrale klimatyzacyjne gotowe do wyjazdu

First ventilation air ducts and air-conditioning units ready for departure

Day by day we are getting closer and closer to completing our new manufacturing plant. After a few weeks of hard work, the first products are manufactured, which will soon be delivered to our customers. The ventilation air ducts of our own production will go to one of the Polish customers, while modern air-conditioning units will soon be installed...

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